Heart Is a Bird

Rising from the sweet hill of morning
My heart is a bird dancing in the sky of my soul
On wings unseen I glide in the clear blue no sun can hold
Grey horse nearby hears my song not of the ear
Lifts his head and comes to me
His whispered breath upon my neck
Sings the harmony


Fellow Travelers

Dark shadows moving in the deep hours. Contented nostrils flutter. I hear their heavy footsteps beneath the trees just outside my open door. Having heard my dreams calling, they’ve come to rouse me from my slumber. They speak to me in the language of silence. We are bound together in the rhythm of the dance. We are one in the river of life. Come with us now and walk the hills, our shadows touching. Feel the fullness of the moon, our breaths of give and take wrapped in tangled manes and delighted snorts, caressing muzzles. Sister, sister who has been called, step outside the walls. We are meant to travel One.

      © 2014 Robin Gates