with Robin Gates
*Certified Trainer in the Carolyn Resnick Method


The Human heard at a seminar I recently taught at Lynn Elston's beautiful farm in Snohomish, Washington. (Photo: Randee Fox)



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Here are some comments from

current and former students:


Lyne Elston
Hello, Robin. My first exposure to you was almost 2 years ago and since then you have come to my Farm to present yourself and Carolyn’s method half a dozen times, with two more seminars scheduled and filled to capacity for 2012! That, in itself, is a remarkable happening, but that is only a small part of all the happiness, freedom and love you have brought into my life!

Where to even start? My dear friend, exposure to you and your incredible zest for life and passion for relationship has melted so many of my own personal boundaries and self-restrictions!

My relationship with my horses, under your caring guidance, has burgeoned into something so satisfying, on a daily basis, that I cannot wait to get up in the morning to see what we will discover together each day!! My mind zig-zags back and forth between almost ignoring the depth of my bond with Moon and Pilgrim, and the growing bond with Yogi..because I have come to expect it and so can grow lax in taking it for granted. The zag to that zig is when I decide to go out and see “if” we can try this or that adventure around the property and they check in, tune in and then stay with me while they figure it out!!! So awesome!!!

But, just as amazing, is the liberty your teaching as brought to my own life...the freedom to dream big, to expect miracles, to not settle for less than I want. This Farm has never enjoyed such a period of prosperity as it has since you have been coming here to share your gifts. And, I am not just talking about dollars! The community that has formed around your events has become a supportive entity for me, for all of its members, and by extension, for all the horses involved. How perfect is that??

Okay, that is enough gushing...I am a taciturn person and this emoting is NOT my style (or should I say “was” not my style???)

I will end this by saying that you, Robin Gates, have my deepest gratitude and never-ending support for all that you have shared, all that I have gained from you, and all that lies ahead for the two of us and for those our two paths will cross!


Tami Petrie

Wow, where to begin... It was my first Robin seminar, my first time paying more than a perfunctory amount to audit, my first time in a sharing circle at a horse related event; however everything else was very familiar and amazingly effective.

It's quite rare that I find a group of people not to mention a whole training methodology based on authenticity, truth (however far from our assumptions), and integrity. It has been my recent experience and "awaring" that my horses were talking to me but Robin's seminars and Carolyn's material are really the horse/human dictionary. Actual conversations are now possible where we create our success together. It eliminates any upset or frustration or even difficulty in practicing the "techniques" since it's just a matter of time and recognition rather than getting something right or making them wrong. It's really genius and although I function this way in life with people, who by the way can be so much more resistant than horses/animals, it's so refreshing to have the truth so clear. Where people can often struggle to maintain attachment to the past or the stories they tell themselves, etc. animals don't know how to be outside integrity. Now that I think about it perhaps people don't either since that's probably what "mental illness" and the like are all about.

I think these seminars/learnings would be incredibly helpful to the veterinary world, horse rescues, animal control, etc. I believe in the theory when the student is ready the teacher will arrive however it never hurts for the teacher to ask the student if they may want to get started early lol.

Thanks to all involved! The best money I've spent auditing in a LONG time and a very potent channel to health and human potential!


Brenda Langer

Hello all

Lynn and I just returned from a 3-day intensive with Robin and I just wanted to share a few things.

First, I just want to express my unending gratitude to Lynn and Robin for sharing themselves and space with me while I continue my horsey journey. Lynn and Robin are truly great mentors, friends, and always provide a really safe and genuine place to learn - I so appreciate that.

It was an honor to spend three days examining how far we have come and increasing our awareness of how much deeper we can go. The first day was spent settling in and learning to apply what we have already learned in a new environment with different horses. It was a great day to begin exploring new opportunities and to experience all that Robin and her horses have to offer their students.

By the second day the nervous feelings associated with the newness of it all had totally disappeared, allowing me be become even more engaged as we worked with horses in the arena and pasture. In the pasture there were lots of opportunities to practice leading from behind and just be together in the bond. At the end of our session we also had the opportunity to work with the herd in the pasture with food allowing everyone to eat from the same bucket without incident.

The third day was rainy so we started the day off watching a video of wild mustangs and having a little Q&A. Later that morning we trailered Will and Fresco to a nearby covered arena. Will and Fresco are two very big dynamic boys with a lot of presence. Robin first worked with Will who had not been off her property in a while. Needless to say, Will was very enthusiastic about being in a new location! Robin then worked with Fresco for bit and invited Lynn and me to play.

After a bit of play with Fresco, Robin decided to try something new and work with both horses at liberty at once. Robin was first up and then it was our turn to give it a go. Lynn went in and did a fabulous job, managing some trepidation regarding working with the magnificent giant duo, and managed both horses wonderfully! Lynn even took Will over a small jump at liberty. I was up next and had to face my own anxiety, but I also had a fabulous time working with both horses.

In the end I walked away with such a sense of pride, appreciation, growth, and fulfillment. There is something so unique about being around and learning from Robin that it cannot be described, but is just deeply felt. The natural evolution of the three days could not have served us better and I look forward to my next opportunity to work with Robin.


Claire Hunter

Hi Robin,

I would suspect that you are overwhelmed with testimonials and thank you's every time you leave a seminar, and so I will try to keep this brief, especially since words really fall short of expressing the gratitude that I feel. I am not a person who runs around hugging everyone, but yesterday when I thanked you, I just wanted to hug you from the bottom of my heart for what you helped me see and understand. Thank you soooo much!

Your amazing love for people and horses is so apparent, and I so appreciate how you use such perfect and funny metaphors to instruct and keep us all in seeking mode so we can really learn. I am so excited about all the new beginnings I am about to explore, and I thank you so much for all that you do!

With love,
Claire Hunter


Jennifer Grais
I feel Robin is master teacher--teaching even when it seems she isn't teaching--and I soaked it up. After the seminar, I felt an energetic shift where I could sit in my power with Solo and not daydream or spin out with busy mind, and that change, I feel, was largely due to what I saw modeled by Robin and her work at liberty with the horses. Not to mention the myriad other smaller shifts in perception that helped me think like a horse and become aware of the message I was sending in his language.


Nan Humbel
Robin, Thank You for doing this Seminar. I had some pretty amazing insights. it goes waaaaayyyy beyond just playing with my horse. Tigre has been quite the gentleman since returning. We have had a few conversations but some big piece has shifted in me and he seems to be responding to that.Yippee! I found this to be such an emotional journey I cannot even express in words all that is moving around in my heart, head and soul.
Thank You,


Dr. Debra Harraka D.C.
I am still glowing from an amazing 2 day seminar with Robin Gates. Robin's teaching style and information brought me home to a natural way of being with horses. The way that nature intended, that has been socialized out of us humans. I found the seminar to be uplifting, spiritually educational and full of herd mentality common sense. I highly recommend liberty training through the eyes of Robin Gates.


Lisa Renae Nelson
Marriage Family Therapist
Tanglewood Center
Woodside, CA

As 'horse-people,' we've all momentarily experienced that magical heart-union-connection with a horse. Trying to consciously replicate it is often another matter. Robin provides a template for how to create a human-equine heart connection via Liberty training. She personalizes this template for each person. With Robin's direction, I easily accessed that heart and mind state to walk in tandem with the horses during the Liberty training seminar. The very next day I was looking at a horse for sale. I smiled at the horse owners look of surprise when I requested he unclasp the lead line off the horse's halter. Within seconds, "Woody" and I were Liberty walking together. We took our time, this person and this equine, as the unseen, but very real heart-connected tether kept us close on our path of interspecies connection.

Diane, Rowan (the horse) and Archer
Dexter, OR

Dear Robin,

I had been looking forward to attending your seminar for a whole year and was excited about finally being able to do so. I loved your seminar and have already recommended you to several people. You have a wonderful sense of timing and your sense of humor is truly unique, It was a relief to finally find someone who plays AND connects on a training, teaching and energy level. This not only benifits the person but also their horse because you stress a way of 'just being' that connects from the heart. What a rare and inspiring combination!

I thought i would have a hard time sitting for 2 days, but the time flew, you have a great gift in covering a lot of information in a clear and focused way, keeping the whole experience light and uplifting.

Thank you so much for sharing Carolyns Method and adding your own special spark to it.. The seminar was even better than what i had expected and the connections you made with the horses were beautiful to watch.
your techniques are already helping us.

A few days after I returned home, my boy Archer coliced. I was able to keep him up and felt our connection was a bit stronger (he was down, and wanted to go down several times).

I asked him to make an effort to walk and we walked around the big field in the dark for an hour until the vet came and tubed him. He is doing fine now.
I felt a difference in how he responded, because i've walked him around before when he had gas, so in dealing with a horse in an emergency type situation,
So, perhaps even a subtle shift in how you connect can make a Huge difference how your horse responds whens he's feeling horrible and not at all himself - and really needs you to be there.

Robin, I deeply appreciate your willingness to share your Heart, Humor and Talent with all of us.

Carol Bollum
Robin’s liberty training seminars are AWESOME! She teaches people how to relate to horses in a way that is similar to the way that horses relate to each other. By establishing a bond of trust, she builds a relationship with horses that they can understand and enjoy. The goal is to have the horse want to be with you, to be interested in interacting with you, and to truly enjoy the experience. And then…the “dance” begins!

Lynn Elston
Snohomish, Washington

Hello, Robin...

Thank you, thank you for such a wonderful seminar experience. It was well worth the trip down from Seattle for the weekend!!!

I feel like I've renewed my vows to my horses, to love them unconditionally and to celebrate the joy they always, always bring into my life!

It is just too easy to take those things for granted and lose myself in the everyday worries and concerns of running the farm and caring for them. They carry on, always steady, always giving, ready to pitch in as lesson horses, ready to dance with me or allow me to ride. And because they're always "there," I too often simply expect these things of them, losing sight of what gifts they truly are.

Well not anymore!! In the days that I have been back, I have felt like an 8 year old, chattering and laughing and playing with them...loving them for all their silliness and steadiness, their curiosity and their pride.

Your essence at the seminar is what gives me permission to be in this joyous state, to play with them, entice them, reward them, give back to them...rather than expect them to do all the giving. And, what I've found is, at the end of a session with them, I feel happy! Not powerful, not "in control", just plain happy...and it's wonderful!!!

So, much, much gratitude to you, and to Lisa, and to the horses, for creating such a magical two days.

I'll give you a call soon so we can talk about the possibilities of getting you up here to the Seattle area this winter!

Dr. Suzan Seelye, DVM, CVA, CVT, Certified Centered Riding Instructor
Healing Heart Wholistic Equine Veterinary Specialty Practice
Yelm, WA 98597


You truly are the next link in what I have been seeking. I come from being an upper level eventer - could ride a Xcountry course in one breath and hold on tight with all my muscles, especially those strong arms pulling on that mouth. My own restructuring of my body and mind has been facilitated by my beautiful equine teachers through their patience and wisdom. Much of what you do I also teach to clients, a client and fellow participant at Lynn's seminar turned to me and said "you hold the rope the same way". I too consider myself a lifelong student - I love knowledge and then having the experiential. Am still working on releasing the need to react or maybe I should say the habit, and the vulnerability thing - a work in progress.:)

I found myself years ago treating many "natural horsemanship" and "Parelli" horses that were stripped of their soul, robots. My work is largely on releasing the biochemistry of tissue memory and creation of new neuronets that don't carry the past and boy when I worked on those horses did so much anger come out. I learned more about it only to understand what was happening to these horses. Although my closer friends went this route I knew it was not my path so have waited and been a little stagnant in my own progression with my horses for a couple years. You are what I was waiting for. You have so much wisdom and experience I do hope you will put some of it in book form soon so that the world can have greater access to you. I have never come across one who embodies presence and the ability to change in a moment like you do. You set a high standard! That weekend with you was as much of a spiritual teaching as a lesson in true horsemanship. Thank you for that, I am truly grateful.
blessings, Suzan

Robin - I wanted to thank you so much for coming up to do the seminar. I learned a lot during the weekend and am still sorting through things. It was a pleasure to watch you work with the horses but also teach the humans. You have a wonderful way of presenting new ways for folks to shift how they are interacting with their horses. Most importantly you create a space where people feel comfortable taking the risk to make that shift. :) I personally had some big insights regarding my power and how I use it or not. I think my horse Marco is really here to not only teach me but help me heal. It is very difficult for me to stand in my own power when faced with big confrontation - lots of angry or dominant energy. Of course has to deal with experiences in childhood... I have been playing with being still and being with his dramatic energy outbursts. I picture in my mind a serene lake and generate the quietness, peacefulness and stillness. The ability to be with what is happening but not affected by it - to be able to be with the emotion Marco is demonstrating (excitement, fear, etc.), meet it, feel it, but not be it. It has been pretty amazing. One day he came out of the barn did a lovely capriole not on command and then just stood there with me - grounded his feet and walked on. As I lunged him, he was able to move his feet as needed but was able to keep connected to me and to the stillness. Now I see him looking to me to really provide that grounding for him - for me to provide him that leadership. For him and me that is a big shift. He is a pretty macho horse and I think felt I needed to be protected and it was his job. Now I am able to be more in my own vulnerability powerfully and be his leader. Thanks again Robin - I look forward to seeing you again in July.

Patsy Hodge
Robin, thanks for taking time out of your life to share your gift and acknowledge of horses. When I saw you’re video dancing with your horses I knew I wanted to know more about your connection to these beautiful animals. What I saw at your seminar was an energy connection. I watched you walk to the left and the horse stopped his seeking towards you and saw your body lean towards this horse as your energy came across from you to this horse. Your energy hooked on to his shoulder and you drew him to the left as if he had an imagery line to you. I watched your body language draw, quiet and talked with each horse at this seminar. You made me think about this new language. It’s the same frames but done in slow motion. I talk, eat and walk fast. But to watch you speak with your body in seconds with puffing up your body, tallness, a head gesture, a look, a finger movement – a stillness that silences a horse. I learned that day; maybe I too could silence my body to be a better teacher to my horse. Wow – Thanks.

Gillian Marrah, MSW
Sammamish, WA
As a Licensed Mental Health Practitioner, I highly recommend Robin Gate's Liberty Training to be considered for CEU credits. The skills that I learned in this sensitive, powerful and unique training are invaluable for Equine Assisted Seminarians.

Lila Harding
Robin brings a sense of humor and play to her work with horses, that is contagious. She shares with us how important it is to be aware of what we are bringing to the horse. She teaches with creatively and joy and creates a safe space for others to learn and be vulnerable.  The piece that captivated me the most over this learning weekend was witnessing Robin's “Out of the box” creativity. Robin was able to communicate a palpable sense and understanding to us of how to transmit stillness, oneness, and safety in the present. As she was describing her technique while in the presence of horses you could see and feel it and watch the horses receive and react to this bliss transmission. This for me was the magical piece and I am so grateful for the experience. A heartfelt thank you to Robin, and everyone who helped, supported and assisted the seminar experience... and of course all of the horses that shared themselves with us.

Maggie Schuler
Orcas Feathered Horses
What an awe-inspiring week-end I spent with the very gifted teacher, Robin Gates! Sharing her visceral experiences with the ability to present them in a way that the student hungers for more is Robin's gift to people and equine alike.. And all through the blessings of laughter! How can one not want more?
She can't return to our area soon enough!

Mary Lou Calo
Duvall, Washington
You make learning fun and joyful! I laughed and learned all weekend, and now I feel ready to take the next step in connecting with my horse. What a beautiful journey we are all on together! Thank you for sharing your gift and making this a better world for horses and humans. I'm looking forward to your next seminar at From the Mother Farm in Snohomish, Washington.

Eleanor Keasey
I am aglow from having just spent 2 1/2 of the most wonderful days with Robin, absorbing the wisdom and light(ness) and humor she brought to each of us, equine and human. I'm sure it will continue to inform my way of being with my horses forever. Having had my first taste of what she has to offer, I want more! Robin's gift is not just in how she works with horses -- which is brilliant -- but in the way she's able to convey it to us two-legged, "in-our-heads" types. She brings enormous heart and compassion, deep experiencing and authenticity, to her work with all of us. This is the beginning of enriching my relationships with my horses in meaningful, transformative ways. I'm sure I'm just seeing the tip of the iceberg! It's one of the best things I've ever done for me and for my horses. And it's SO MUCH FUN! My little mare Gidget agrees. We like the path we've just stepped on to and are looking forward to the journey ahead. Thank you, Robin!glow from having just spent 2 1/2 of the most wonderful days with Robin, absorbing the wisdom and light(ness) and humor she brought to each of us, equine and human. I'm sure it will continue to inform my way of being with my horses forever. Having had my first taste of what she has to offer, I want more! Robin's gift is not just in how she works with horses -- which is brilliant -- but in the way she's able to convey it to us two-legged, "in-our-heads" types. She brings enormous heart and compassion, deep experiencing and authenticity, to her work with all of us. This is the beginning of enriching my relationships with my horses in meaningful, transformative ways. I'm sure I'm just seeing the tip of the iceberg! It's one of the best things I've ever done for me and for my horses. And it's SO MUCH FUN! My little mare Gidget agrees. We like the path we've just stepped on to and are looking forward to the journey ahead. Thank you, Robin!

Randee Fox
Certified Black Belt Nia Educator
Next Generation Nia Trainer in Training
Artist, Equestrian Educator

What an incredible seminar that we just finished with you Robin here in Western Washington State. You are an incredible horse trainer, human trainer, philosopher, life coach, humanitarian and comedian! My smile muscles are well worked out, my heart is light, full of laughter and positive energy, my horse training satchel is full of new tools (and treats!) and my faith in the horse-human connection is fully restored and more deeply rooted in this gift of an Earth that we all share. You taught me to trust my instincts, to go for creativity and play, to choose and lead with love vs. fear and to always keep my fascination high and frustration low when handling my dear horses.Thank you for being brilliant, beautiful, graceful, YOU!

I thank you and I know that my horses already sense the transformation in me and thank you too.

Alan Shank
ust attended one of Robin's seminars in Woodinville, WA with my wife. What a fun and insightful weekend we had. It added the missing pieces of understanding and perception I need to complete my relationship with my horse. I also think it gave me insights into human relationships as well. We would like to attend her ranch and train there.

Tina Crawford and Amadeus
Arlington, WA

Robin, you are truly a gifted communicator. I would highly recommend your seminar to anyone who is seeking to understand the language of the horse and what is deeply important to them. Your seminar was a life changing experience on many levels. Thank you.

Susie McArthur

As I left the Robin Gates two day seminar, I found myself walking on air to my car! So many of my questions had been answered, but there were so many questions that I didn't know I had, were answered as well.

Robin's technique of teaching is one of joy, love, gratitude, respect, humor and leadership. Funny, there are all the qualities that are a part of "Liberty work"...or "Liberty fun"!!! Robin is informative, without being overwhelming. She is "in tune" with her students, encourages questions, and makes you feel comfortable in asking the most basic of questions.

I started out with the one word, Euphoria, as I felt in awe of watching these gentle horses trusting strangers, and teaching those strangers. It is evident that so much work (or play) has created these lovely teachers for our benefit of learning. What patience they have! I was imparted with knowledge that I knew was "out there somewhere", but I hadn't yet found in my many searches. I was empowered!

Thank you Robin!!!


Steven Elliott
I find Robin's teaching approach to be thoroughly engaging and communicated in a grounded, truly human context. I am reminded that my relationship with the horse is also my relationship with the totality of life, including my intimate and personal relationships, and to the natural world as well. Skillfully and humorously guiding participants in the feeling dimension between horse and human; Robin clearly and emphatically demonstrates that relationship is key in training our equine friends. Nothing is forced, but rather, playfully enjoyed. I believe all who attend Robin's seminars, regardless of past experience with horses, will leave with a smile on their face and a joy in their hearts.

Lauren Mesaros

Dear Robin,

Thank you so much for your seminar last weekend.  You touched my heart!  The possibilities are endless with my horse once our relationship strengthens, thanks to you! Much thanks.


Donna Kelleher

Washington State

In my five day intensive, Robin shared her passion for truly understanding the horse, and explained what motivates him to be my true companion.  As a BHSAI riding instructor and veterinarian, I did understand many things about horses, but not using herd dynamics to train them.  Before Robin, on bad days, I was always lucky to catch my young rescued horse at all.   Through liberty horse training, I created a kind and respectful mutual bond. This bond with my young, fearful horse is what I was sorely missing and Robin gave me the tools to create this bond not just with this horse but with any horse. It was a transformative experience that fits with my belief in holistic medicine because, like Robin, as a veterinarian, I choose not to force a patient's immune system into suppression with harsh pharmaceuticals, but rather, to nurture and redirect it where possible. So rather than using ropes and force, liberty horse training gives the horse a choice.  Because I am now an effective leader (and I know his favorite scratching place on his withers), he

chooses the bond.


Jill Owens

Offering a shift in point of view—this is what it was all about at a weekend liberty training and horsemanship seminar I recently attended with Robin Gates. Using a teaching style that employed analogies and parables, Robin drew upon our deepest experiences as human beings to offer a new paradigm for our relationships with our horses.

Among the many seminarians I have studied with, none has offered the spiritual, philosophical, and ethical depth of thought that Robin did. Drawing on a profound understanding of horses as a species and their natural interactions with one another, Robin showed us how to develop leadership without disrespect, connection without aggression, and training without coercion.

Whether you’re just starting out on your journey with horses or are a veteran horseperson, if you can afford only one horsemanship seminar this year, this is the one to take. Your viewpoint will be forever changed, and you will be fortified with fundamental principles that will temper and inform all your future equine experiences.


Virginia Harrison

The Seminar was absolutely wonderful. Auditing it really helped me "see" the actual application of the Carolyn Resnick method with a variety of different horses. I had been reading Carolyn's blogs and using them with Snowy for some months, but I did not have "the feel" yet to make it smoother. Working with you individually at your ranch with Frank was wonderful, but I did not quite know how to translate it to an untrained, difficult horse (although my pony "got" it quickly.) And Snowy's reactions sometimes, like having a temper tantrum with bucking and kicking, when asked to do things made me think that I may be doing something wrong. But watching you and the owner of the very sweet well behaved Thoroughbred, and watching the "inner horse" that came out of him when he was pushed to do leading from behind was absolutely a revelation--he ran around bucking and kicking just like Snowy has done. Snowy, like the Thoroughbred, on the surface seems well trained and compliant, except for the spooking at little things. Seeing the Thoroughbred reveal his inner resistance made me realize that I really was seeing Snowy have temper tantrums, and that I did not need to back off from them, but rather pause, and then continue to push him to lead from behind. Since Snowy is a bit more difficult a horse than some of the ones I have read about in the blog and all the horses I have owned over the years, sometimes it has been hard for me to trust my ability to read him. But I feel much more confidant now, and things are working so much better since I am not letting him play his games with me. It also really helped to see just how much of a real ritual the "Saying Hello" ritual is--so subtle in the forward and back, and so respectful. When I take the time to really pay attention to the horse in saying hello and spend the time to do the ritual fully, it seems to be really making a connection. You showed how to combine the two, asking the horse to move off in the leading from behind, and then pausing, and saying a friendly hello to maintain the bond, even when the horse is not necessarily liking the leading from behind.
Thank you so much for all your wonderful help and for your wonderful teaching. You are a marvelous teacher because you dramatize things in such an entertaining way--it makes the whole experience so memorable and useful.


Janis Davidson
Cool, CA

From the moment Robin entered the arena you could see the dynamic effect her training had on each and every horse. It goes beyond words how she delightfully entertained us with her ability and talent. She masterfully showed us the language of the horse and the horses ability to connect with us.



Eloise Cutler-Clark
Glen Ellen, CA
I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the day yesterday. No matter how many times I observe and listen to you, I learn many new things each time.

I can't emphasize enough how effective the humor is in terms of conveying the information in an approachable way. You manage to do it without making light of the subject or losing the impact of the point you are making. I think that the humor allows people to identify more easily with the examples you provide, and to feel more open to acknowledging the areas they need to improve in their relationship with their horse(s).

I am so glad that you are doing these seminars.

Sandy Mc Mahon
Vancover Island, BC

Robin has an engaging style that clearly illustrates what the communication can be between us and our horses. After studying and applying Carolyn Resnick's Waterhole Rituals for eight months, I was overjoyed to hear about Robin's seminar in California. I traveled from Vancover Island, BC to attend and I am so very happy I did. Thanks so much Robin.

Chris Sims
Santa Rosa, CA

I really enjoyed Robin's seminar. This is what I've been looking for...a great approach to connecting with my horse.

Diana Thompson
Fulton, CA

Robin is a very good, kind teacher. She gave me ideas and methods that I could take home and put to use right away. This is a program that any horse person could benefit from. Thank you!

Elizabeth Duthie
Shingle Springs, CA

I just wanted to let Robin know how much I enjoyed the seminar. Robin is an engaging and totally accessible person with a gift for teaching. She made me so excited to get home and start playing and increasing the bond with my horse. I can't wait to attend another seminar.

Craig Love
Auckland, New Zealand

Thank you Robin for a graceful and heart centered weekend. Robin's presentation uses lots of stories that let me recognize what I already know and leaves me with the feeling not of how great Robin is [though she is definetly in a level of mastery in this] but that it can be simple and I can go out and explore the work from here.

Susan Minger
Alameda, CA

Thank you for a wonderfully informative and educational experience. Robin is a teacher who communicates her skills with humor and is a model for the kind of centered being our horses need us to be.


Sharmaine Ege

Healdsburg. CA

I’m not ever surprised to learn something new about my horses and usually it’s exciting when it happens. I attended the Robin Gates Seminar in Sebastopol June 5-6 and found something EVERYONE could benefit from. Newbie to Old Timer, this is a marvelous opportunity to expand your relationship with your horse.

I’ve attended a number of “natural horsemanship” seminars, articles and discussions and come away with many tips and thoughts about how I would or wouldn’t use the ideas presented. Most often, the dominance game…showing them you’re their leader was present in one form or another. I understood the mechanics, push them away until they decide that you are a less tiring, worrisome, bothersome item than whatever you’re making them do…circle, run around the round pen, back, whatever physical response you were shown to use to demand their attention and respect.

I’m not saying that’s a bad thing to have learned. However, I am saying that there’s another method that makes it possible to offer the “choice” of having a relationship of trust, a choice that the horse makes based on their desire to come to you out of curiosity, herd instinct and reward…but not for avoiding negatives rather attracted by positives.

At Liberty training, start back at square one, asks the horse to accept your invasion into “their space”. Robin explained it so much better than I can, but it puts the human into a trust thus leader position instead of a dominance leader position. It changes the core of your relationship with the animal. It changes the long term relationship to one I had once with one horse and have hunted for through several other wonderful horses always close but not quite achieving the same mutual trust relationship. Robin understands and is able to communicate to us as the human part of the relationship HOW to begin again in our relationship with our horse.

This isn’t about bits and training with tack or to begin, isn’t about a horse with any tack on at all…no, not even the halter. This is about communication with no demands, no force and no hidden agenda. The horses know it and respond in a different way. After all these years with horses, watching horses, watching horse whisperers and horse trainers (some excellent at what they do) I have only found a few that I can admire. Now I know why.

Carol and Snoop, and Deb W and Blue have this type of relationship with their horses and I love to watch them with their animals. The time spent just “being” with them. It’s a combination tho, as I know exactly how difficult it can be to “connect” or get a start on that relationship… my paso fino gelding Tiago was for me hesitant to allow a relationship due to his trust having been damaged by previous owners . His new owners are still working to build a relationship. There’s Concho who Donna has spent endless hours working with is another. Whatever his previous life, it’s taking years to get his trust to a level that allows a mutual relationship. I applaud Donna for persevering.
Its difficult to take a horse with severe trust issues and make this journey to trust together.

Equally difficult I suppose is having to decide that you can’t do it. I’ve had to give up on a few horses where the “magic” wasn’t there. Fear, personality differences, past abuse…you don’t always know what triggers the lack of trust in a horse. Always though, I’ve found that at some point, I know there’s nothing else I can do. That’s what has excited me about Robin being local (Sonoma Valley)…she’s doing another seminar the first weekend of September. I don’t care what else is happening, I am enthused about going to this seminar instead. With or without a horse, the communication is felt by everyone there…including the auditors.

It’s worth the money, the time and you won’t be sorry you go.

- Shar

Steve Levin

I had attended two of Robin Gate's weekend seminars prior to a five day intensive that began in early July, 2011. Although I had learned many things from the weekend seminars; there was no comparison to the intimate and detailed instruction that flowed through Robin for five days. I highly recommend any one who is interested in Robin's approach to participate in one of her intensive programs. Truly you will be transformed; not only in your relationship with your horse, but that most important relationship with yourself and how that shows up in the world. In many ways I see Robin's intensive programs as great leadership training: leadership that is not dominant or aggressive; but a supremely intelligent and sensitive leadership which truly sets an example!

The five day intensive which I participated in was quite unique. I was also accompanied by my good friend who has worked with camels for many years and we had brought three camels to a ranch in Sonoma, two young bulls and a five year old gelding. We would work with the camels in the morning and afternoon, and in the evening we would go to Robin's ranch and work with her amazing horses. This provided a really nice balance because the camels were fairly new to training whereas Robin's horses were more in the bond with people and very responsive to even very subtle commands. This was Robin's first time working with camels and truly as a sign of a great teacher, she was open to possibilities, often asking questions and trying new things. It was really great to share this experience. We all began to notice that the camels were very responsive to our suggestions and were willing to work with us. Over the course of five days we saw a very strong foundation develop in our relationship with the camels, and this has continued to grow to the point that the camels are 'lining up', eager for their turn to play!

One of the things which really impressed upon me while working with Robin was a sense of playfulness. That sense of playfulness is so important. It can be difficult to remember this when things get difficult. Robin often reminds us that it is not about just training specific behaviors, but how all of that relates to the dance and relationship that you enjoy with your horse, or camel. It is good to relax, enjoy yourself, and remember the love you share with your companion in training.

The five day intensive was a life enriching experience which opens news doors of possibility and magic. Once again, I openly encourage anyone, regardless of past experience with animals, to engage this process with a open heart and see where it will take you. Robin Gates is more than willing to be your guide and to dance the dance with you. Enjoy!

Elizabeth Staff
London, UK

I made the trip from England to the US specifically to learn about natural horsemanship, as its a has been a much neglected part of our more classical and competitive English equestrian heritage. I was wary of being drawn to some of the more commercial, and circus-like trainers that currently promoting natural horsemanship in the US and was seeking instead someone with a genuine sensitivity and passion for connecting with horses. Upon meeting Robin, I instantly recognised that I had found the right trainer - graceful, dignified, strong and yet extremely gentle and nurturing. What I learned from Robin during my (sadly far too short) stay has changed me on a deeply personal level. While of course, much of Robin's training focuses on the natural behaviour or the horse - its the human aspect of Robin's work which I found most inspiring and beneficial: Robin managed to coax out of me the raw courage, sensitivity, assertiveness and and pure joy required to connect with horses at a deeper level - all aspects of ourselves that somehow become lost or buried in the daily grind of our normal everyday lives.

Elizabeth Staff, London, UK


Sandy Forsyth

What a wonderful experience !!! You are so articulate and have a great ability for verbally bringing the horse world and our own humanity together so that we can understand the horse through ourselves and ourselves through the horse. The parallels and comparisons with all relationships/politics (inner and outer) unfolded before our eyes delightfully and with gentle humor......insights and subtle understandings were continuously
running through me and since I always need time to "translate" my feelings into words, I often found myself at a loss for them when trying to share them. But know this, that your gifts are enormous and I love working and playing with you....it's just plain fun !!! I thank you and can't wait to play with you again privately when I figure out just what I want to focus on.

Kudos to Lisa as well, her facilities were wonderful and greatly appreciated.


Marta Williams
Author of Learning Their Language and Beyond Words

Carolyn Resnick’s method of liberty training makes more sense to me than any other natural horsemanship technique and I think the horses feel that way about it too. It most closely approximates how horses actually think, feel, and interact with each other. It is also the most natural of all the natural techniques. Done in an open field, the horse can choose to completely ignore you and walk away. No other technique can take that kind of chance. As Robin says, this method of interaction makes your horse fall in love with you. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning this wonderful practice from Robin. She is an honest, straightforward and compassionate trainer of humans and horses. I recommend her to all my clients who are having problems with their horses or who are just seeking to enhance the bond they share.


Andrew M. Leeds, Ph.D.
Licensed Seminaral Psychologist
Santa Rosa, CA

Robin is more than an extraordinary horse trainer. Yes, she has a keen ability to perceive each horse’s temperament and to discern the effects of prior, adverse human interactions on the horse’s current behavior. Yes, she has a deep grasp of the innate behavior of horses. Yes, as a wise and skillful horse trainer she uses these clear perceptions and deep understandings as the foundation for building a relationship with a horse based on mutual respect, firm boundaries and love. But most important of all she is able to model and transmit her understanding, her skills and her compassion to even the most timid, uncertain and awkward of her students with profound patience and abiding grace. As a result her students gain not only a relationship with a horse that comes to love and respect them, and is eager for the opportunity to follow, but they gain a clearer eye, a firmer stance and a stronger, more open heart.


Lori Plumber

Robin's approach, based on Carolyn Resnick's methods, is to create a horse who is thrilled when his person comes calling for the daily training session. When it's training time, Robin's horses say "Pick me, pick me!" I see this everyday in my work with dogs. How wonderful it is to see that it is possible in the world of horses, too!

Robin is not only passionate and talented in her work with horses, she is equally gifted in her ability to relate to and communicate with her human students. You'd be hard pressed to find an instructor who cares more about assisting you in achieving your goals of connecting with your horse than Robin does. She patiently supports and guides, celebrating your successes, tiny to huge, with incredible sincerity. The icing on the cake is that Robin has a wonderful way with words. She instructs with clarity, vivid examples, and a delightful sense of humor.


Julie Ward

Half Moon Bay, CA

My horse can be pushy and stubborn, and after listening, watching, learning and practicing what Robin Gates teaches about how I should correctly behave with my horse, I was amazed to see what a difference there was in the way my horse reacts to me. He immediately responded to the requests I made, and is changing his behavior towards me so quickly - it's a joy! The manners he's learning to follow on the ground have related directly to the manners he shows me when I'm riding. I highly recommend that if anyone is thinking "if only my horse didn't do this..." they should sign up for help from Robin Gates. She helps in a way that is both fun and very effective!


Nikki Kagan

Attached is my photo which I would dub "true bliss". It's been a long time since I have felt so full in my heart. Robin's work with Liberty Training for me is about tapping into a primal language of love, trust, respect and honesty that we all want and need so desperately to express. My experience with DJ, Cobo, Willie, Frank, Red and Jordan has touched my heart in the most profound sense, enabling me to find and tap into the courage, confidence, forgiveness and purity that we all have but sometimes have difficulty accessing.. Not only did I feel an indescribable sense of joy in this work, I felt honored by these great creatures who believed and trusted in me enough to allow me to be a true leader.

I vow to continue along this path of enrichment because I am convinced it will emanate outward to those near to me as well as to those I have yet to meet.

With deepest gratitude for sharing this most precious of gifts, and for sharing those beautiful animals who taught me so gently, safely and lovingly.


Aurora Noel
Santa Rosa, CA

What I learned from Robin Gates was life changing for me and for my horse!

As an amateur rider and one time breeder, I spent the winter of 2006 in a complete panic over my 2.5 year old warm-blood gelding named Paulo. Although he had been hand reared by me, and was completely comfortable in my presence, he was dangerously sensitive and explosive. If I allowed Paulo to stay in his comfort zone, I was safe. If I tried to teach him anything new, or forced him into a frightening situation, everything changed. His eyes would glaze over and he would rear, spin, bolt. Paulo never struck out at me, or anyone else, but he was huge, powerful and oblivious. I knew I was in trouble and I couldn't find anyone to help. I was terribly depressed, thinking that I would never be able to manage this young horse, and more importantly, I was terrified that he or I would be seriously hurt. We were out of control and my heart was breaking. After years of planning and dreaming I believed that I would need to let him go - and to what? Who would want this out of control horse? I feared for both of us. Finally, after working with a number of professionals, one of them told me about Robin. He said, the problem is not the horse, it's your relationship. This I had not heard before. I had heard that Paulo was highly responsive, athletic, sensitive, explosive, expressive and probably only appropriate for a professional - in fact I had heard this more than once, but no one had said - work on the relationship and you'll be fine. This was new and although I didn't really get it, I had nothing else to try.

The first thing I recognized about Robin Gates is that her heart is open, full and powerful. Robin is soft spoken, slender and a lady in every way. I must admit that I couldn't rationally comprehend how she could help. If I wasn't safe with Paulo how could she be? Well, my concerns were totally unnecessary. Paulo figured it out long before I did. He trusted her and respected her. He sensed her strength, he breathed it in, he immersed himself in Robin and then in me. We began to relate in a way that we had never related before. Where once there was concern, now there was curiosity; where once there were explosive outbursts, now there were expressive movements; where once there was bravado, now there was confidence. Through Robin, Paulo found himself, his true self, and words cannot express my gratitude for this gift.

And so, my depression changed to joy and my future with Paulo was saved. After spending the summer of 2007 with Robin, Paulo and I moved into a facility where he could start his training under saddle. His trainer found him to be playful, sensitive, kind, and willing. There were never any antics, he didn't buck, didn't kick or bite, and never bolted. He is still Paulo – sensitive, athletic, responsive and reactive, but we revel in his movement and expression and we honor his curiosity and surprise. All is well. He is my partner, he is loved, he has a place in this world and thanks to Robin, it is with me.


Pat Slater and Dan Senters

On a sunny day last November my husband Dan and I were taking a walk with our two quarter horses Lucky and Tuffy. Lucky, our seven year old, was a very nervous horse and could hardly stand to be near Dan or any man for that matter. It was hard just leading him down the lane because of his fears.

As we were walking we were arguing heatedly about whether to sell Lucky or keep him. After 1 ½ years of working with this horse Dan couldn’t take it anymore. He wanted a horse that was calm, gentle and easy just like our other horse Tuffy. I, on the other hand, adored Lucky. He loved women and was not a bit afraid of me although still a very nervous horse.

On our walk we happened to meet a lady who noticed our problem with our horse. She told us about a weekend seminar that was about to be held at an arena in our neighborhood. Robin Gates would teach this seminar.

We went right over to inquire about this seminar. Believe me, I was shocked that “my cowboy Dan” was even willing to inquire let alone attend. He believed that a horse should do what is asked of him and nothing less. After working on a cattle ranch for many years he was firm in his thinking. He told me he would go but if Lucky did not benefit from the weekend we would sell him with no argument from me. I agreed.

On November 22 we met Robin Gates for the first time. She spent just a minute with our Lucky and talked to both Dan and I. When the seminar began, Robin started with our horse. True to form, Lucky was petrified. Dan, after following instruction from Robin, was able to build a better relationship with Lucky. After about ½ hour, I saw changes in both Lucky and Dan. This horse started to approach Dan with a little less fear.

After two days with Robin Gates we knew that there was hope for Lucky. With the help of her Liberty Horse Training method and her guiding hand, I have watched both Lucky and Dan blossom.

This is February, only a few months since we started working with Robin. Lucky is almost a pest following Dan around. They love each other. A bond exists, one that I never thought possible. The fear is gone, replaced with trust and respect. Dan trail rides on Lucky and both seem to really enjoy their days together.

If you ask me Robin Gates is a hero. On the day I met her I had tears in my eyes, tears of worry. Today, as I write this, I have tears of joy knowing that Lucky is with us to stay. And by the way, Tuffy is learning a few manners himself.

Robin, I can’t thank you enough!


Jennifer Hoegerman

Koda, a 16-3 Paint gelding who I have had since his birth 20 years ago, has had a tough time of it. Diagnosed with severe navicular disease and ringbone at age 3, training on and off depending on his degree of lameness and frequent stress colics have made his life difficult. He now spends carefree days on pasture with his herd, but has remained dominant, aggressive and very pushy around people.
Koda has been the biggest equine challenge of my life, so I took him to a Robin Gates seminar in hopes we could achieve a deeper level of communication and some peace of mind for him. Robin worked around the issues of aggression over food and the tug of war when leading in halter.

What unfolded was miraculous. It was as if Koda was just waiting for the magical key of shared language to bring him fully to life. His attitude softened and - now 4 months later - he continues to relax in and enjoy the company of humans. Robin is now working with our Quarter Horse Emmet using a slightly different approach but attaining equally spectacular results in opening up his heart.

This was the wonder of observing Robin in a seminar situation with many different horses - that she sees each as an individual being with different histories, experiences and needs and approaches them accordingly. There is no pressure, the horse leads the dance, and a bond forms that is solid and powerful.


Barbara K. Rector
Director Adventures In Awareness, LLC

Students of Equine Facilitated Learning and Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy will benefit from study with Robin Gates, primary teacher of the Carolyn Resnick method of liberty horse training. Regardless of one's skill level this process teaches the true language of Equus and allows the observer and practitioner alike to engage in relationship development with horses. While most 'natural' trainers use gadgets gimmicks and round rings, Robin and Carolyn work in wide open pasture and arena spaces that allow horse choice; to come or to go. Lovely to watch and awesome to practice.


Beth Riedel

It was wonderful to see the principles that Carolyn describes in her book, Naked Liberty, used & then presented in a manner that makes them feel applicable to my life. I was pleased to actually experience them even though I didn't have a horse of my own to work with.

You and Lisa created a very safe & comfortable space for opening to these ideas. Everyone there seemed to feel honored no matter how experienced or not each participant was. This allowed me to further see what moves worked better than others & that no move was "wrong". I loved that each horse's individuality was also honored & shown to be perfect with no personality type better than another. Your explanations & metaphors made the principles feel more natural to me & easier to be understood. I loved being able to both see & feel how one moves their body in a way that the horse can really understand & very easily read. The
games & play just made everything more fun & easier to enjoy for both the people & horses.

Thanks so much for this experience. I hope to be able to do more with your trainings & your work.


Nan Humbel

Dear Robin, Jan and I have been buried in the moving box shuffle but after another lovely day with my horse "Tigre" I had to write and thank you. The things you taught me at our one day seminar have made some surprising changes in me and my horse. To begin with he is a much nicer guy to be around. Perhaps I am as well because I am not so frustrated with him pushing me around with his head. The most surprising thing though is that is has made a big difference in our trail rides. He seems much more content to just stay with me when another horse goes cantering off ahead of him. In the past he would fuss and toss his head. No more! Really! He is no longer bluffing me into believing he is afraid of hands in his face, sunscreen, flyspray, and baths. I can walk him back to his paddock on a totally loose line carrying his "snack-bowl" and he's respectful, walks next to me and even though he's excited he doesn't try to run around me and grab a bite. I expected improvement in ground manners but having him stay "with" me on trail rides was an unexpected and wonderful surprise. Thank You so much. I am looking forward to working with you again soon. Next time we'll have hot water for your shower I promise.






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