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"At liberty, in a free environment, unrestrained, with the absence of tack, a bond is created through a series of companionship interactions that are naturally enjoyable to the horse.  This bond is the key to a magical relationship with your horse. I teach horse and human how to dance together energetically so that their souls and lives are enriched."

                                                                                  - Robin

Robin & Will - "Expressions in Connection"

Watch Robin speak about her work:

Watch a "Video Moment" from Robin's Labor Day seminar:
"Cord of Connection"

Listen to Robin being interviewed
by Liz Mitten Ryan - Fascinating!



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Robin is a Certified Trainer

in the Carolyn Resnick Method TM

Carolyn Resnick and Robin Gates

"Robin, You are a vision of connection and the magic with out limits. My heart rests and feels complete to know you are there dancing with the divine. YOU are an angel with wings."

- Carolyn Resnick


VIDEO! -- Horses at Play with Robin Gates


Robin works with Pony

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"In traditional horse training, they're going to go in there and they're going to find what they don't like, they're going to resist it, and they're going to erase it. I don't want to go in and find what I don't like about a horse. I don't want to move into resistance. I want to lead that horse where that horse would follow."

-- Robin Gates

"Robin is not only passionate and talented in her work with horses, she is equally gifted in her ability to relate to and communicate with her human students."

Laurie Plumber



"Robin is more than an extraordinary horse trainer...she is able to model and transmit her understanding, her skills and her compassion to even the most timid, uncertain and awkward of her students with profound patience and abiding grace."

Andrew M. Leeds, Ph.D.
Santa Rosa, CA



"What I learned from Robin Gates was life changing for me and for my horse!"

Aurora Noel
Santa Rosa, CA


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Robin Gates and her Liberty Horse Training has been mentioned in the book "Naked Liberty" by Carolyn Resnick.

Robin is a certified teacher of the Carolyn Resnick method.



Read the Sidelines Magazine article about Robin's work with two Premarin rescue mares.

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 See the the feature article on Robin Gates and Liberty Horse Training in the August 2005 issue of Riding Magazine.



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